Papyrus Translations Ltd. provides consecutive interpretation from English to Russian and Russian to English. Our main fields of interpretive expertise include the following:

  • Technical
  • Environmental protection
  • Hazardous waste management & water treatment
  • Agriculture
  • Economy & finance
  • Local government
  • IT

Our basic rate for interpretation is affordably priced at 15 Euro/hour (3 hours minimum) or 150 Euro per day.

Our interpretative regions of coverage currently include the following Russian oblasts:

  • Pskov
  • Novgorod
  • Moscow
  • Saint-Petersburg

If you are a European company outside our coverage area with projects or business contacts in the North-West region of Russia and would like to engage our interpretation services, please Contact Us. Oftentimes, we can arrange our schedules to accommodate distant locations. We always recommend, however, that you arrange for Papyrus Translations' interpreters well in advance of your upcoming projects, as the demand for our services is increasing and our schedule fills up quickly.